Calvin "Cal" Noren, usually known as Cal Noren, is a Pokémon Trainer and member of Team Rocket. He is 25 years old. Cal is 6'2" and has a slightly muscular build. He always wears his Team Rocket hat, covering his red hair. He wears the normal Team Rocket outfit, and carries a pistol on his belt with his Poke Balls. His Pokégear is black and orange.

Personality Edit

Cal is a joker, but with a rather sinister side to his antics. He doesn't mind hurting other people or Pokémon, and has little regard for righteousness. When in combat he often uses dirty tactics. He is protective of his own Pokémon, whom he considers as friends. He tries not to draw too much attention to himself, although he enjoys fame when he gets it. He doesn't truly hate Team Liberty, because they did not do anything of harm to him, but he still dislikes them, since they are Team Rocket's enemy.

Early Life Edit

Cal was an orphan from when he was three years old. In his orphanage in Fuchsia City, he was popular due to his energetic personality and jokes. However, he bullied those who offended him. He left the orphanage when he was fifteen. It was then that he received full details on the war, and admired Team Rocket. Stealing some Poké Balls from a Poké Mart, Cal caught a Paras, his first Pokémon. Cal taught himself hand-to-hand combat and firearm use. After some time, he was recruited into Team Rocket.

Life as a Team Rocket Member Edit

Cal went on patrols throughout the Kanto region, picking up a Growlithe and a Machop on his travels. After doing some training, his Paras and Machop evolved into Parasect and Machoke. He is currently on an important mission to retrieve a Manaphy from the Isshu region, and is teamed with other Rocket members and a group of Team Liberty members.

Pokémon Edit

Name Appearance Species Gender Personality Ability Status Known Moves
Parasect Cal's Parasect1 Parasect Female Completely loyal to Cal. She dislikes Pokémon not of the Bug type. She is brave, impatient, and often charges ahead into battle. Effect Spore: 10% chance of inflicting sleep, paralyze, or poison from opposing contact moves In Party Cross Poison, X-scissor, Leech Seed, Spore, Stun Spore, Aromatherapy
Growlithe Cal's Growlithe1 Growlithe Male Extremely proud, Growlithe looks down upon most other Pokemon. He is also overconfident and a natural leader, being the strongest of his siblings. Intimidate: Lowers foe's attack upon entering battle In Party Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Bite, Fire Fang, Agility
Machoke Cal's Machoke1 Machoke Male Machoke is serious about battling and trains by himself a lot. However, because most of his battles are training battles, he is inexperienced. He does know to analyze his opponent before striking, and is rather patient. No Guard: All attacks will land if this Pokemon is in battle In Party Bullet Punch, Revenge, Vital Throw, Submission, Foresight