Chloe Hikari
Team Liberty Agent
Born November 11
Goldenrod City, Johto
Age 19
Hometown Goldenrod City, Johto
Other names Grey, Zach Hikari(Former/dead name)
Pokémon Cyndy(Female Typhlosion)
Ren(Male Luxray)
Alvis(Male Gallade)
Heather(Female Pikachu)
Katie(Female Zoroark)
Kamina(Male Serperior)
Luke(Male Lucario)
Elsa(Female Weavile)
Occupation Pokemon Trainer
Faction Team Liberty
Rank Hero of Will
Location The Alamo, Four Island
Status Alive
Height 5'9"
Weight 135
Parents Gerald Hikari (Father), Cassie Mikazuki (Adoptive Mother), Christina Mikazuki (Biological Mother)
Relatives Ryan Hikari (Brother), Lucia Zyther (Sister), Relatives in Snowpoint City, Stacy Trilan (Aunt), Guy Trelvanny(Uncle)
Created by Blade

Chloe Hikari is a Team Liberty trainer, known as the Hero of Will. Chloe joined Team Liberty about a year before Operation R.A.L.L.Y, and has psychic powers; able to communicate via thoughts, among other untapped abilities.

History/Before Rise of the RocketsEdit


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History/Current TimesEdit

Initial MeetingsEdit

Chloe vs. Cyan, Lorelei recruit(Icefall Cave), Ralts capture

Mission to RecruitEdit

Pikachu capture, Yellow recruit(Viridian Forest), Help Heatran recruit(Cinnabar Island area), Blue recruit(Cinnabar Island)

The Second MissionEdit

Chloe vs. Kyle, Chloe vs. Gavin, Zorua Capture, Kyle vs. Forrest, Latias recruit(Pewter City)

Blackened NightsEdit

Chloe vs. Ryan Hikari, Chloe vs. Erika, Brock recruit(Diglett's Cave), Information about Darkrai, attending Liberty Executive promotion ceremony

White Skies AheadEdit

Information about things going on in Unova, preparation to leave, gathering team members, incident in Ecruteak, meeting the Shiny Legendary Beasts

Grey Clouds ApproachEdit

Trip to Unova, meeting Juniper, traveling to Accumula, meeting Sanders, going to Striaton, meeting Evan, fighting the Striaton Gym Trio.


Summarized BackgroundEdit

(To be updated)

Chloe was once just a normal trainer from Goldenrod City. However, the apparent death of her parents, brother, and her brother's 'girlfriend' affected her rather heavily. She took up training more, and joined Team Liberty a few years later, in an attempt to stop the war. However, in the process of her training, she discovered that her brother, Ryan Hikari, was in fact still alive; and was working for the Rockets at that time, pitting them constantly against each other.

Later on, during Chloe's missions, she both discovered that not all Rockets were truly evil, and that Ryan, now going by the codename 'Black', was still after her, but had joined up with another group instead, which was responsible for Cerulean's partial destruction, and some deaths. Intent on stopping him, Chloe completed her mission and got back to the Alamo with her Team Liberty friends; only to find out that Black had traveled to Unova in the time between their meeting and Chloe's return, and Black was now taunting her. Chloe and a few others traveled to Unova in order to stop him before he could cause any more destruction.

When they got to Unova, the group tried to blend in, which didn't exactly work as well as they'd planned, since Professor Juniper noticed Chloe's Pokedex, and invited her to challenge the Pokemon League. The Gym Leaders then told her that she was a 'chosen trainer', and that she had powers she was not aware she had; specifically psychic powers. They also told her she was the one to save or destroy Unova. Heading forward, Chloe was attacked by a Hyper Beam from Ryan's Tyranitar and seemingly killed, however, she was saved by quick thinking by Burgh, and laid low for a while to try and train, and get the jump on Black the next possible time. Of course, the training wasn't for long, as Castelia was destroyed soon after, however, the element of surprise worked, as Black was shocked by Chloe's return with a new look.

After Black ran away, and the group temporarily split up, Chloe continued forth, gathering the badges from the remaining gyms, and even partaking in a tournament that involved some of the gym leaders, also gaining a mysterious object from Elesa. As Chloe was approaching where Dragonspiral Tower was, though, the group reunited. Chloe had suspicions about the identity of one of the group's members by that point, but had no time to think of it, as they chased Black up the tower.

After a brief fight at the top that resulted in the fatal wounding of one of the group's members, the scene changed to Black City's tower, and the resulting fight ended with Chloe summoning Kyurem to help curbstomp Black into submission. However, Ryan and Chloe's father, Gerald Hikari, showed up and revealed that not only was he alive, but that the events of years prior were all his doing, and that 'Summer Shirayuki' was actually the sister of one of the group's members(Confirming Chloe's suspicions) and also Ryan's supposedly dead girlfriend. Of course, Gerald proceeded to take over Chloe's mind with help of Kyurem, and used the cube that Elesa had given Chloe to transform Kyurem into Black Kyurem.

The fight that followed ended in massive destruction to the region, and had the consequence of a temporary death for the group member, Evan, who was wounded earlier. However, thanks to Dialga, Evan was brought back, and proceeded to utterly thrash Kyurem, ending the threat of the fight, and knocking Chloe back to her normal state. However, thanks to being manipulated like that, Chloe felt rather guilty, and spent a good few days moping around in her room at the Alamo when they got back; not even joining the fight against the Darkrai. However, she was snapped out of that state when she learned that an old friend was in trouble; however, she was too late to stop her from being kidnapped. Now, she is looking for clues on where Dahlia could be, and attempting to atone for what she inadvertently did in Unova by helping out where she can.


Chloe has auburn hair, which she wears in the fluffy bob style. Her eyes are an emerald green now, due to changes caused by her improperly trained psychic abilities. Her preferred outfit depends on the season, but her favourite outfit for summer consists of a green t-shirt under a pink zip-up short sleeved hoodie, and a ruffled black skater skirt. Her shoes are green and black, with pink outlines and soles.

Chloe wears a pink bead bracelet that spells out her name on her left arm, and an old pink and green friendship bracelet from her youth a little higher up the same arm. The second bracelet has been slightly adjusted to fit her now, however. She also wears green headphones around her neck, which are connected, typically, to her Pokegear. Chloe carries a green purse, but also still has her old black and grey backpack. The backpack, however, is rather roughed up and frayed after all the frantic situations.

She is roughly 5'9, and has a green aura.


After having come to terms with herself, Chloe has become more calm about things. She has forgiven herself mostly for what happened in Unova, but still wishes to give help to everyone, to try and make up for it. She wishes for peace still, but acknowledges that in this case, to get peace, is to try and fight to stop the fighting. She tries to be kind, even amidst the doubts she gets from time to time.


Pokéball Cyndy

Cyndy is relatively normal looking; except she has three bluish spots that is the same colour as her back fur on her belly. As a Typhlosion, the spots seem to have grown in size, and the lines from the Quilava evolution have connected to form a triangle.
Special Attacks.
Flash Fire
Cyndy's evolution slightly affected her personality. She's not as shy; though she does keep to herself mostly still, and still acts modestly, as that just seems to be her nature. She doesn't hesitate as much, which could be due to her new power.
Quick Attack
This Pokemon appears to have been Chloe's first Pokemon. While she isn't used as much now; her trainer still trusts her, and will call on her when needed. She has also shown an ability to observe something even when inside her Pokeball and mostly fainted; as she picked up on the technique used with Lava Plume during the fight Chloe had with Cyan Vero. The extent of this is unknown.
Obtained at:
Goldenrod City

Pokéball Ren

405 Luxray m
Luxray has a special lightning bolt-like patch of yellow fur on his back right leg; sticking out because of the black. There have been no changes to his appearance upon evolution.
Attack ++, Tough Jaw ability added in addition to normal ability.
Luxray usually follows along with orders given by Chloe, but if he thinks something may be more important, he's adamant if following up on it; unless he's in a battle or so. His Adamant nature has increased since his final evolution, but he's also learned to keep focus on the task at hand more.
Quick Attack
Ice Fang
Fire Fang
Ren is sometimes used if ground types are needed to be defeated; even though he has a weakness to Ground attacks. This appears to be because Ren knows Ice Fang; or perhaps for shock value.
Wild Charge
Obtained at:
Goldenrod City

Pokéball Alvis

-475 Gallade
Alvis has a greenish stripe across his chest or so, surrounded by a red 'border' of sorts. The mohawk that most Gallade has is focused more as a raised strip along the top of it's head, across to the forehead area. Alvis's eyes are limegreen instead of the normal red as well.
Attack ++
Like Ren, Alvis can be pretty adamant about things, but is also adamant about staying in a fight. The only time it'll willingly give up a fight, is if it's badly hurt, or otherwise can't fight. With it's evolution, and it's time spent with Chloe lately, it has learned that it can trust the trainer. It's gotten even more confident with it's recent evolution into it's final stage, and has quickly gotten accustomed to fighting with it's arm-blades instead of mentally.
Magical Leaf
Shadow Sneak
While at first glance it would seem that Alvis uses commands on his own, Chloe actually sends commands through the mental link that her and Alvis have; partly inspired by what Cyan did during his battle... After Chloe found out about the Gallade's telepathy, of course. Alvis has also evolved fairly differently than most members of his species, by evolving through fights instead of a Dawn Stone, though one could argue that the light surrounding him by what happened mimicked the light from a Dawn Stone which triggered the evolution.
Swords Dance
Psycho Cut
Close Combat
Obtained at:
Icefall Cave

Pokéball Heather

025 f
Heart shape tail to show it's a female Pikachu; heart shaped cheek; right side.
Special Attack and Speed increased
Heather is rash at times, and likes to rush into things. However, she can also be pretty mischievous at times, and play tricks on, or taunt other Pokemon.
Volt Tackle
Quick Attack
In what could be considered weirdness, this Pikachu likes to ride pieces of wood like they're surfboards. This is how Chloe once got across the water connecting Cinnabar to Pallet Town, on her mission to retrieve Blue. However, it currently can't be used to perform the battle move Surf. Currently with Olivia for an unknown period of time.
Electro Ball
Obtained at:
Viridian Forest

Pokéball Katie

Kate's appearance has drastically changed. She looks more like a typical Zoroark, though the hair on her head almost appears like it's slightly dark brown than it's typical black. This fits with the illusion form she now takes as a human, which is slightly based on her initial appearance. In this illusion form, she has brown hair and green eyes, and typically wears a white shirt under a green vest, and blue jeans, with black and white shoes.
Special Attack and Attack
She is a little Rash, and often does stuff without thinking it through first, but she can usually be calmed down enough to see the reasoning behind stuff, if there's a reason for why something's happened. This has since not been as obvious, however, her mischievous traits have also been increased since her evolution, and she has more of a tendency to play tricks on people.
Night Daze
Night Slash
She is very mischievous as well as rash it seems, as shown by the events in Viridian City.
Feint Attack
Nasty Plot
Obtained at:
Viridian City/Pewter City

Pokéball Kamina

The 'monocle' from being a Snivy is now in the shape of triangle-shaped glasses.
+Speed, +Special Attack, +Attack, -Defense
This Serperior acts like what you'd expect a Serperior to typically be from it's looks... This Serperior is smug. However, even with his smugness, he's still relatively Mild, and doesn't boast that all the time. However, that was the first thing that Chloe noticed about Snivy, which is why he initially got the nickname "Smugleaf".

With the Serperior's first evolution, however, he's definitely gotten more confident; and while still mild, is totally willing to be overconfident at times. As of his final evolution, however, he's gotten so overconfident and smug that he searches for times to fight - and proves his strength more now.

Leaf Blade
Natural Gift
(egg move)
Leaf Storm
Wring Out
Obtained at:
Nuvema Town


Final Notes Seven; "Luke"/Riolu


Nickname: Luke
Species: Lucario
Trainer: Chloe
Gender: Male
Appearance: Overall the same as a typical Lucario, Luke now has a 'star' pattern across his face, made of the same hair type as across his muzzle. He tends to keep his dreadlocks tied up in a ponytail style as well.
Personality: Luke is driven by a sense of justice; which makes Chloe's recent worrying all the more disappointing to Luke, since her personality had been observed before he had been hatched. That said, Luke tries to make up for Chlo's shortcomings by helping out as much as possible.

Loyal to the end, Luke has approved of Chloe starting to take initiative to change herself again. Finally having the strength to evolve, Luke is ready to help defend the peace with Chloe as best as he can.
Ability: Justified
Specialty: Attack+, Special Attack+
Known Moves: Aura Sphere, Bullet Punch(Egg Move), Force Palm, Final Gambit, Dragon Pulse, ExtremeSpeed
Battle Notes: 7
Observed Notes: Luke wields a similar fighting style to Zero from the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero series; including utilizing a three-shot combo of weaker Aura Spheres, or one charged Aura Sphere.


Final Notes Eight; "Elsa"/Weavile


Trainer: Chloe
Gender: Female
Appearance: The 'hair' on the Weavile is down, instead of straight up in the air.
Personality: Elsa has a mischievous side to her, however, she is very Rash, and tends to worry about little things she does.
Ability: Pressure
Specialty: Attack++
Known Moves: Quick Attack, Metal Claw, Night Slash, Ice Shard(EGG), Ice Punch (EGG), Blizzard (TM)
Battles: 8.
Observed Notes: None.


Legend Notes Nine; Raikou

243 s

Partnered Trainer: Chloe
Gender: Male
Appearance: Due to utilizing Dimensional Shifts, this Raikou has had its body fur turned an orange-y colour, and its mane has turned golden. Raikou's muzzle and tail are also a silvery colour.
Personality: Raikou is helpful at times, and acts a lot like a mentor; however, it also remembers its home dimension, and will over-act to try and prevent something similar from happening to this one.
Ability: Volt Absorb
Specialty: Special Attack++
Known Moves: Zap Cannon, Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, Weather Ball, Extrasensory, Reflect


"Nothing's guaranteed." -- Chloe to the one in charge of the Searchers' break-out attempt on Four Island.


  • Chloe has come out as a transgender girl; however, unlike what some other people might prefer, she prefers to not really talk about her old name except when she absolutely needs to, feeling it kind of defeats the point.
  • Interestingly enough, although Cyndy and Rento were Chloe's first Pokemon, they both lag in terms of battles behind Blade, who is at 13 total battles, compared to 11 total battles for both Cyndy and Rento.

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