Chris Ridot is a trainer fighting for Team Liberty.



Chris is an ecstatic person who is very friendly, but can also manage being alone. At certain times he becomes shy and can end up messing with a situation. He is a little obsessive. On the other hand, Chris is also a very cynical and sarcastic person.


Medium brown hair, brown eyes. Fairly tall (5' 9). Wears a gray jacket with gray pants, and a red shirt.


Nickname Species Gender Appearance Personality
Kelly Eevee Female Kelly-Eevee Because of her ability (Adaptability), Kelly is very social. She knows when to be playful and energetic and when not.
Emile Beldum N/A Emile-Beldum After training in several battles, Emile has become more outgoing and ready to battle. Its old shy side rarely shows.
Carter Ralts (Currently an egg) Male N/A (Egg)

Once hatched:

As a newly hatched, Carter is very shy. He often acts like a baby and clings to Chris.


"You guys party hard?"


-All of Chris's Pokemon are nicknamed after Halo Spartans.