Plot arc detailing Esen's introduction to the game amidst a destructive situation in Cianwood City.

Synopsis Edit

Characters Involved Edit

Team Liberty Edit

  • Silvermind
  • Jayron Aaron
  • Cyan Vero
  • Jennifer Lorn
  • Hex

Team Rocket Edit

  • Koga
  • Sabrina
  • Lt. Surge

Other Edit

  • Esen Windred

Locations Involved Edit

  • Cianwood City

Results Edit

  • Sootopolis sustained surprisingly little damage from Weather Trio conflict
  • Groudon injured by Rayquaza and returned to hiding
  • Kyogre recruited to Team Liberty
  • Rayquaza recruited to Team Rocket

History Edit



Breaking Point Edit


Settling the Dispute Edit


Aftermath Edit


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