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Born ?
Age 38
Hometown Eterna City, Sinnoh
Other names The Dark Wizard
Pokémon Rotom


Faction N/A.
Location ?
Status Alive
Height ?
Weight ?
Created by Umbra of Doom
Darius, a.k.a the Dark Wizard, is a Sorcerer, who hasn't been seen (and recognized) by people for years. The recent invasion of Sinnoh by the Ten Darkrai however has brought him out of hiding. His intentions however, are unknown.


Darius' life started relatively normal. He had a good family, and they lived together quite well. But not long after the Rockets invaded something changed to him. He got lost in the woods, and when he came out, his family was shocked at how different he had become. He had befriended a Rotom, and he had suddenly become obsessed with sorcery. His family fled to Kanto to escape the state of madness he seemed to have entered. He eventually disappeared, going off to practice his dark arts. He created a special outfit that the Rotom could go into and 'possess', effectively giving him Rotom's powers and abilities that he could use at will. It's unknown if he actually has any power without the Rotom or not, but it almost seems like he does. He has become a legend in Eterna City, known as the dark wizard. He also prefers to use Ghost and Dark type Pokemon, having befriended many of them in the nearby forests. A few of them know the Darkrai legend, and now he intends to take full advantage of it.


Despite what his family thought of him, he isn't a total sociopath. He has blended into the other inhabitants of Eterna City well, and seems like a nice man to anyone who doesn't know his true identity. But if he gets angered, he can get quite enraged, and he has a very dark side to him.


He usually wears a dark cloak of some sort. The material it is made up of works in such a way that Rotom can go into it, but not electrocute itself or Darius. While it is in the cloak, he can make use of all its powers. It has a hood, but he rarely wears it. As a result his medium-long brown hair can easily be seen, along with his reddish-brown eyes.


Current Pokemon on Team:Edit

Species/Nickname Gender Appearance Sprites Ability Moves Notes
Rotom No Gender No difference, though the amount of energy around it depends on its health -479 Rotom Levitate Shock Wave, Ominous Wind, Double Team, Hex, and Substitute (sixth move for form changes) Can share it's powers through the cloak, though if the cloak is attacked, Rotom would take damage. In battle, Rotom is fast and good at dodging. To gain its sixth move, all it has to do is take over something electronic that is related to the move. (ex: pocket fan - smaller fan Rotom)
Nincada Female Has a black crescent-shaped mark on its back. Otherwise normal Compoundeyes Mind Reader, Fury Swipes, Dig, Night Slash, and Bug Bite (egg move)
Spiritomb Male Constantly changing. Often he will simply be a floating Keystone, that will float beside Darius. When in battle, he is a deep purple in color, and the green spots glow dimly in the swirling energy Slip Through Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Pain Split (egg move), and Grudge (egg move) Caught to free it from the Darkrai's control. When given the option to leave, he decided to remain with Darius.

Pokemon in Storage:Edit

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