The Elite Four are a group of the four strongest trainers in their respective regions, or two regions, in the case of the Indigo Plateau League.

The Elite Four's tasks depend on different events; some may follow the lead of their makeshift leader, some may help out around the region, and some may help effectively police the region, and block areas that would be dangerous off.

All of the Elite Four members, except Unova's Elite Four, are scattered, due to the Rockets' influence. Kanto and Johto also share Elite Four members, due to Lorelei retiring to work on other things and train herself, Lance becoming the Champion of the league and Agatha's death.

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Contains both Kanto and Johto Elite Four members, due to sharing a league.

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A former member of the Sinnoh Elite Four, Bertha left Sinnoh in the midst of the Liberty-Rocket war, vanishing into seclusion in Unova. Soon after his encounter with Maddison Hayes in the desert of Unova Route 4, Bertha's great-grandson Evan Tierra found her humble hiding place in a cave; after entrusting the Hero of Space with her sole surviving Pokémon, she breathed her last, leaving her descendant to lay her to rest.

In life, Bertha was a Ground-type specialist, widely recognized as one of the greatest in the world. Of her signature Pokémon, Rhyperior and Hippowdon, only the latter survives in Evan's care; the rest of her Pokémon had already passed away before her, likely due to old age like their Trainer.

Flint - Deceased Edit

Formerly a member of the Sinnoh Elite Four before the war, with the rise of The Searchers and the formation of the Hojohsin League Flint soon found himself recruited by Searchers leader Wil Holtman, an old friend of his. Though his activities with the League are mostly unknown, after the release of the Ancient Darkrai, Flint participated in a Searchers attack on two of them, alongside Lugia and several other Legendary Pokémon recruited by the team. During this attack, Flint and many of the other Searchers were killed and their Pokémon scattered.

After Flint's death, his lifelong best friend Volkner decided to challenge the remaining Elite Four when Lucian announced his plans to reform the Sinnoh League, eventually earning his place among them. He voluntarily chose to take Flint's former place as the third member that challengers would have to face, in memory of his fallen friend.

When he was still an Elite Four member, Flint specialized in Fire-type Pokémon. His signature Pokémon Magmortar survived its Trainer, and ended up temporarily in the care of Flint's best friend Volkner; its current status is unknown.

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Formerly a member of the Elite Four, now the Champion of Sinnoh. During the Six Month Truce, Lucian participated in the efforts to help reconstruct Sinnoh, which had suffered greatly from the Ancient Darkrai. He soon came to the conclusion that Sinnoh would best be served through the recreation of the Sinnoh Pokémon League, and began recruiting past and present officials to aid in its reinstatement. After much time and effort, he succeeded, and was named Champion in recognition of his leadership and strength both in and out of battle.

As an Elite Four member, Lucian specialized in Psychic-type Pokémon. Though he retains his signature Bronzong, the rest of his new team is currently unknown.

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The former Champion of Sinnoh, Cynthia remained in the defunct Pokémon League facility in Sinnoh. After a helicopter crash on the island drew her out of hiding, she battled Team Rocket agents Ethan Worth, Troy Alder, and Lorelei Penn, who eventually convinced her to come out of hiding and join Team Rocket.

Unbeknownst to the three agents, Cynthia's recruitment was a ruse; the ex-Champion secretly held her own plans to use Rocket to take down Liberty before removing the Shadow Admins herself, ending the war for good. Though she was able to convince Shadow Admin Bounty to ally with her in her plans, the Shadow Admin of Sinnoh drastically altered their plans by seceding from the rest of Team Rocket. For a number of reasons, Cynthia saw it best to remain with the original Rockets, and relocated to Johto as a result of the separation.

As Champion, Cynthia's signature was her Garchomp, a Pokémon she continues to use to this day. In fact, she is known to have retained all of her Pokémon from her pre-war teams while using them all regularly, a feat few Trainers from that era can claim.

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The former Gym Leader of Eterna City. While the Sinnoh League was reconstructing itself during the Six Month Truce, Gardenia offered her efforts to help it grow. Eventually, she challenged the remaining Elite Four members as well as the other candidates for the position, earning her place among the new Sinnoh Elite Four.

Gardenia specializes in Grass-type Pokémon, with her signature Pokémon being Roserade.

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The former Gym Leader of Sunyshore City. Prior to the death of Giovanni and the rise of Team Rocket, Volkner had grown bored with his role as Gym Leader, planning to challenge his best friend Flint and the rest of the Elite Four to try and earn a place among their ranks. However, a Trainer then challenged him at his Gym and convinced him that being a Gym Leader could still provide him with the thrill of a worthy battle.

Years later, however, after Flint's death alongside the Searchers at the hands of the Ancient Darkrai, Volkner decided his time as a Gym Leader was over, and he closed Sunyshore Gym for good. When Elite Four member Lucian heard of this, he offered Volkner a chance to challenge the remaining members of the Elite Four and potentially join them. Volkner accepted the offer, and proved himself a strong opponent; however, rather than accept a higher position in the order of challenge, Volkner asked that he be the third member of the Elite Four that new challengers would face, so that he could follow in the footsteps of his fallen friend Flint.

Volkner specializes in Electric-type Pokémon, with his signature Pokémon being Electivire. He is also known to use a Raichu that was his starter Pokémon many years ago, but does not do so in every battle.

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