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Jayron Aaron
Age 16
Hometown Fuchsia City, Kanto
Pokémon Lucario, Absol, Zweilous, Snivy, Metagross, and Aqua (Swampert)
Occupation Aura Wielder
Faction Team Liberty
Rank Executive
Status Active
Parents Unknown
Relatives Distant Descendant of Sir Aaron

Jayron Aaron is an Aura-wielding agent of Team Liberty.


Jayron Aaron

Jayron Aaron (without gloves)

Jayron was trained at a young age to be a ninja at one of the many training schools in Fuchsia City, along with his friend, Cyan Vero. When the rockets burned the school down, he fled out through the Seafoam islands, eventually ending up near the Sevii Islands. During his time alone he met his partner, a Riolu, and the two trained together to use the Aura. Finally, they managed to build a raft, ending up on Four Island, location of Team Liberty's headquarters. The two of them were accepted into Team Liberty, and since then have become even closer friends. During this time, he learned that the reason he had such control over the Aura was his distant relation to Sir Aaron (hence his last name). He and his Riolu (Now a Lucario) seek to master their control over the Aura.

Jayron was recently promoted with a few other TL agents to Executive status.


Jayron tends to be a helpful, cautious, person. He usually has a calm attitude, even if the situation looks bad. He will often assist if needed, though he prefers to travel alone (alongside Lucario). He is very knowledgable and caring about pokemon, their types, and their strengths/weaknesses. However, because of this, he can occasionally become a bit overconfident. He tends to avoid battling if his pokemon aren't up to it, and he sees the members of Team Rocket as beings who have ruled for too long and must be stopped, but not at the cost of other pokemon.


Jayron is dressed much like Sir Aaron/Riley, only his outfit is dark green in color and he also wears fingerless gloves, over which he wears gloves that help concentrate his aura. He has brown eyes, dark red hair, and is moderately tall for his age. Also, he carries a shoulder pack for items/eggs.


Jayron doesn't favor a specific type of Pokemon over another. He is skilled at raising fast and powerful pokemon, and they make up for any defense issues they might have by using their moves in creative ways to block or avoid the opponent's attacks. He also likes to use the unexpected, which is why he has some pokemon that aren't as good with speed, but great with defense.

Current Pokemon on Team:Edit

Species Gender Appearance Sprites Ability Moves Notes Battles



Normal, though he has a light-blue mark on each of his palms that glows blue if he uses an Aura-based attack.

-448 Lucario


Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Extremespeed, Dark Pulse, Psychic, and Heal Pulse

Jayron's main pokemon. The two share a telepathic bond. Also, Lucario is almost never in his pokeball.

Req. met



As she's an enhanced shadow pokemon, Absol is a dark grey in color, and her eyes glow an evil red. The oval on her head has a red mark in the center of it. Once Jayron begins to befriend it, the dark grey color will fade a bit. Shadow Absol Super Luck

Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Double Team, Detect, Mean Look (egg move), and Megahorn (egg move)

An Enhanced Shadow Pokemon, capable of using its Aura like Lucario, but it is a lot harder to control.

Req. met



Quite small for its species



Leaf Storm, Leech Seed, Mirror Coat (egg move), Twister (egg move), Mega Drain, and Wring Out

Jayron's first Pokémon caught in the Unova region. She has undergone extensive training at the Alamo with Scythe.

1,1,2- 4/7
Zwelious Female Normal, other than the constant cloud of darkness that hangs over it. -634 Zweilous - Shadow Hustle Dragon Pulse, Roar, Hyper Voice, Dark Pulse (egg move), and Earth Power (egg move) An Enhanced Shadow Pokemon, but not one skilled with the Aura. As such, it is not able to use its Shadow abilities quite as well as pokemon like Absol. Still, it is one of the most powerful of the shadow pokemon. 1,1,2- 4/9



Has yellow eyes instead of red ones.

Yellow-eyed Metagross

Clear Body

Magnet Rise, Ice Punch, Meteor Mash, Psychic, Hammer Arm, and Iron Defense

Hard for anyone to understand, as it 'speaks' in clicks and beeps. Lucario is the only one who knows what it's saying.

Req. met

Aqua (Swampert)


Slightly bluish-green, the result of where it lived



Mirror Coat, (Egg move) Waterfall, Mud Bomb, Ice Punch, Earthquake, and Hammer Arm

Caught in Evergrande City while Jayron was fishing.

Req. met

Pokemon in Storage:Edit

Species Gender Appearance Sprites Ability Moves Notes
Scythe (Weavile) Female Has larger ear feathers like a male Weavile, and has a scar on her side from a fight she lost with her pack. -461 Weavile m Pressure Night Slash, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Dig, Brick Break, and Ice Punch Jayron's second pokemon that he saved after it was abandoned by its pack.

Leafy (Sceptile)


Looks the same as a normal Sceptile.

-254 Sceptile Overgrow

Dragon Pulse, Energy Ball, X-Scissor, Quick Attack, Leaf Storm, and Detect

Was recieved as an egg from a dying Liberty member.



Larger than normal, and slightly darker in color.

-330 Flygon Levitate Dig, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Fire Punch, Screech, and Sandstorm

Unlike most Dragon types, Flygon rarely is in a bad mood, which is much different from when it was a Trapinch.

Other Pokemon:Edit

During his time as a member of Team Liberty, Jayron has recruited a number of Legendary Pokemon, and has used even more. Most of these captures were part of a team effort, but Jayron still played a large part in capturing them.

Species Gender Appearance Sprites Ability Known Moves Capture/Rectruit Notes/Current Status
Mew (2, 2nd one nicknamed Midnight) None No difference in the 1st one, but the 2nd has a crescent-shaped birthmark on the back of its head that sparkles. 151 Synchronize (1st one): Psychic, Metronome, Transform, Aura Sphere, Heal Bell, and Teleport (1st one): Befriended by Cyan; is currently in Jayron's possesion. (2nd one): Befriended by Dara Trina; was given to Jayron to care for.
Regirock None No difference 377 Clear Body Hyper Beam, Stone Edge, Zap Cannon, Lock-On, and Superpower Not actually recruited by Jayron; was used by him to awaken Regigigas.
Uxie None No difference -480 Uxie Levitate Psychic, Energy Ball, Psybeam, and Thunder Not actually captured by Jayron, he just helped battle it. Was later given to TR to gain trust, but has since been returned.
Regigigas None No difference -486 Regigigas Slow Start Hyper Beam and Crush Grip Jayron was among the TL agents of the Retrieval Team Alpha, and he eventually was the one to capture Regigigas, later giving him to Blackskull.
Deoxys None No difference 386 Pressure Psychic, Hidden Power (Fighting), Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Zap Cannon, and Recover Captured by Jayron on Iron Island with the assistance of Riley. Deoxys later helped him during the many assaults on Paradise. The two became bonded when Deoxys used Jayron's blood to heal, much like Xalpha did.


"End of the line, I'm afraid. So don't make this any harder for yourself than you already have."

"You don't want my fury either."

"I don't know what you have against me, but when you attack Lucario, you attack my partner, my friend. I don't care who you are, that is unforgivable."


  • It is unknown what happened to Jayron Aaron's parents and fellow students. Only one student named Cyan Vero has been found and rescued by him. Koga, the school's teacher reappeared, but later betrayed Jayron and several other Liberty agents, revealing that he was working with the rockets.

  • All of Jayron's pokemon can telepathically communicate with him, except for Metagross. Jayron can still speak to it telepathically, it just can't reply back.

  • Lucario has proven to be one of the most intellegent of Jayron's pokemon, and has easily been able to hold his own even without Jayron's help. It was Lucario who taught most of Jayron's other pokemon how to speak through telepathy.

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