#385, Jirachi
Species The Wish Pokémon
Current Location Team Liberty's: Four Island
Faction 1 recruited to Team Liberty
Status Team Liberty's: Alive
Type Steel/Psychic
Height 1’00”
Weight 2.4lbs
Created by Characterization by Uber Bunny

Jirachi is the Legendary Wish Pokémon. It is said to awaken for one week every 1,000 years, and it is said to be capable of granting wishes.


Team Liberty's Jirachi Edit

As part of Team Liberty's Operation R.A.L.L.Y., a Jirachi was tracked down and captured by a group of Liberty Agents consisting of Ethan Williams, Amelia Williams, Scott Williams, Thomas Solson, James Arthur, and Roderick Krane. Jirachi became a pseudo-teammate for Thomas, accompanying him on multiple missions and in day-to-day activities. At some point, Jirachi developed an addiction to caffeine, for which it sought professional help.

Jirachi, like Team Liberty's other Legendary Pokémon, was sampled for data by Meghan Vert. This data was used to create a Jirachi clone that soon died, granting its abilities to the Steel-Type and Psychic-Type Power Suits.


Jirachi has the unique ability to grant virtually any wish made to it, so long as the wish is reasonable. It appears to be capable of producing large amounts of an inanimate object, possibly by pulling copies of it from another dimension. However, it does not have any dimension-crossing powers beside this, and the stress of this power causes it to fall into a deep slumber after extensive use.

Though Jirachi is said to only remain awake for one week every 1,000 years, this is only a myth. Jirachi can remain awake and active for as long as it needs to; however, should it expend too much of its energy in one go, it will temporarily fall into a state of extremely deep slumber.

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