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Sup. I'm Republic Commando Darman from BZPower. If you're here, you should know that... Now on to the good stuff. I'm in charge - deal with it. I'm guessing Parugi will also be in charge. If you have any questions about the wiki, PM me on BZP. If you have questions about the game, PM Parugi.

What is Rise of the Rockets?

Rise of the Rockets is an RPG on BZPower's Completely Off Topic section, headed and made by Parugi. The basic story is that Team Rocket's former leader, Giovanni, has been overthrown and the new leaders, called the Shadow Admins, have taken control of the four main regions. Angered by several of Team Rocket's oppressive methods of running the country, as well as their brutal coup d'etat, a group called Team Liberty has risen to fight back against them. The RPG details the war between the two groups, as well as the actions of several other organizations that have gotten involved in the 20 years since the rise of the Rockets.

Player have the option of joining either Team, becoming a neutral trainer, or getting involved with one of the other factions. Primarily a sandbox-RPG, Rise of the Rockets has few restrictions that are in use and general freedom for the player when it comes to storylines, allowing large developments to occur fairly often. Despite this, there is an overall plot to the game, with several clear-cut antagonists as well as quite a bit of obscurity as to who is actually in the right.

The RPG as summarized by Parugi:

"Essentially, Giovanni was overthrown by four Rocket Admins operating under the title of the Shadow Admins, who, over a 20 year period, managed to take over the four main regions as well as the Orange Islands. In response to this, a resistance group called Team Liberty sprang up, and the two teams have been at war for the past twelve years. As a result of this, even more groups have appeared as of late, causing general chaos in the Kanto regions. RotR is generally a sandbox RPG, with many of the major developments being created by the players; however, due to a stale-period towards the beginning of the RPG, an overarching plot has been implemented, providing a path to follow for those who find themselves without a way to continue."


The following people/places have my thanks:

  • BZPower, for hosting RotR these past few years!
  • The Spriter's Resource, for their resource of sprites that have served as the base for many original sprites!
  • Smogon, for thei Generation 6 sprites!
  • The players, for sticking by and being awesome!

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