Markus Aleivy
Team Liberty Leader
Born April 3
Sunyshore City, Sinnoh
Age 35
Hometown Goldenrod City, Johto
Other names Goldhawk
Known for Creation of Team Liberty.

Head of Team Liberty

Pokémon Jolteon




Occupation Team Liberty Leader

Pokémon Trainer

Faction Team Liberty
Rank Team Liberty Leader

General of the Team

Location Four Island
Status Alive
Height 5'11"
Weight 146 lbs
Predecessor N/A.
Successor N/A.
Spouse Unknown, if any
Children Unknown, if any
Parents Unknown
Relatives One younger brother (Name unknown.)
Created by Parugi
Markus Aleivy, more commonly known by his alias "Goldhawk", is one of the founding leaders of Team Liberty, the resistance group fighting against Team Rocket.


Early LifeEdit

Rocket InvasionEdit

Team LibertyEdit

Early MissionsEdit

Executive RecruitmentEdit

Operation RALLYEdit


Assassination Attempt and Ace's DeathEdit

Fighting John FordEdit

The Soil Colossus ArcEdit

The Darkrai InvasionEdit

Alliance with BountyEdit

Team MagmaEdit



Markus Aleivy.





  • Out of Team Liberty's three original leaders, Goldhawk is the only one who has managed to avoid death.
  • Goldhawk is the representative trainer of Team Liberty on the Rise of the Rockets Wiki's welcome picture. He is shown facing off against Shadow Admin Joker, despite not having battled her in the RPG itself.
  • Goldhawk's main rival in the ranks of the Shadow Admins is Sleight, due to both being the heads of their organizations. In the entire Rise of the Rockets canon, he still has yet to actually battle the Head Rocket.

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