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Misty, the Cerulean City Gym Leader

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The Cascade Badge

Cerulean City Gym Leader


Misty was the youngest of four sisters and Ash Ketchum's first new friend on his journey in the Pokemon World. She specialized in Water type pokemon.

Misty and Brock traveled with Ash across Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto, battling and catching new Pokemon. Together, the team faced many Gyms, earning new badges. Ash, with Brock and Misty's help, fought in the pokemon leagues for the Orange Islands, Kanto, and Johto. When she and the other two arrived in Vermillion City after their travels, she was informed by her sisters that they had won a trip around the world, and they needed Misty to take over the gym while they were gone. Misty departed from the team and headed for Cerulean City. Brock also left for Pewter City. She later met with Ash and Brock again wit their friends May and Max, though only a few times before she went back to the Cerulean Gym.

As the Cerulean Gym Leader, Misty battled challengers who had come to earn the Cascade Badge and continue in the Kanto Pokemon League.

Now, after the world take-over by Team Rocket, Misty, along with many other gym leaders, was driven into hiding. Kyle Eston, Gecynde Wynn, and Darren Ketchum went after Misty to recruit her to fight against Team Rocket. After searching for Misty in Kanto, the group searched inside of Mt. Moon. There, instead of finding Misty, they found Mewtwo. After convincing Mewtwo to help them, the Psychic pokemon teleported the team to where Misty was hiding. Mewtwo, even though agreeing to lead the team to Misty, didn't agree to help Team Liberty in the war. The group met with Misty and she revealed to Darren that she was his mother. After telling Darren this, Mewtwo Teleported her and the team to Four Island, where they helped fight the Rocket army. When the server room was under attack, Kyle was shot by a sniper aiming to kill Executive Richie Eston on orders from the Shadowed Man. Misty and the rest of the group took care of his arm. Misty is currently at Four Island.


Ash Ketchum: Misty shared a strong friendship with Ash, strong enough to be a slightly romantic one. When Ash fought in the Pokemon Leagues, Misty and Brock acted as coaches.

Brock: While journeying with Ash, Misty and Brock became very good friends. While Brock became entranced by women, it was Misty who snapped him to the real world and pulled him away by the ear.


  • Misty is Darren Ketchum's mother.
  • Misty is Alec Lightree's aunt.
  • When the Rockets took over the four regions, Misty's Gym was ravaged, leaving it broken-down.