Age 18
Hometown Lavaridge Town, Hoenn
Other names Decaia Holts
Known for Destroying Lavaridge Town
Faction Seven Deadly Sins
Rank Sloth
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Created by Parugi
Sloth, also known as Decaia Holts, is a jogger from Lavaridge Town, Hoenn. During the Ancient Darkrais' takeover of the region, he was infected with darkness, and subsequently destroyed the town with a single explosion of energy. He was later taken into custody by Nine, though managed to lead his fellow Sins to escape and attack the Darkrai. He embodies the Sin of Sloth.

History Edit


Appearance Edit


Personality Edit


Pokémon Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Sloth was the first Sin to have his name revealed.

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