Stacy Trilan
Born September 13
Viridian City, Kanto
Age 45
Hometown Celadon City, Kanto
Other names Stacy Mikazuki
Pokémon Malamar, Armaldo, Seviper, Haxorus, Diggersby, Archeops
Occupation CoO - Leavanny Strauss
Location Celadon City
Status Alive
Height 5'8
Weight 130
Parents Carmen Mikazuki, Rick Mikazuki
Relatives Cassie Mikazuki(Sister), Joseph Mikazuki(Brother), Christina Mikazuki(Adopted Sister), Ryan Hikari(Nephew), Lucia Zyther(Niece), Chloe Hikari(Niece)
Created by Blade

Stacy Trilan is the sister of Cassie Mikazuki, and the aunt of Ryan, Lucia, and Chloe.

Archeops: Rock Slide, Acrobatics, Ally Switch, Protect

Diggersby (Huge Power): Thunder Punch, Protect, Ice Punch

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