On July 31st, the creature that has become known as M-0 breeched into the reality of Rise of the Rockets. On August 4th, it escaped the confines of its egg and started attacking the Sevii Islands. This page is to cateogrize the Instances that have been sighted since then.



Instance Number: 008

Instance Name: Harpreak

First Sighted: Invasion of Two Island

Types: Flying

Additional Notes: Harpreak derives its name from “harpy” and “wreak”, reflecting its nature as a Flying-Type menace. Harpreak are agile and fragile creatures that destroy their targets through coordinated attacks. They possess talons powerful enough to rip through steel with ease, and their distinctive screech is loud enough to stun unprotected listeners.


Instance Number: 011

Instance Name: Chimerape

First Sighted: Invasion of Two Island

Types: Ground

Additional Notes: Chimerape’s name is derived from “chimera” and “ape,” due to their resemblance to a number of different species and ape-like stature. Using their large, rigid claws, Chimerape are capable of rapidly tunneling through the earth; in conjunction with others of its species, it lays the groundwork for its Catacomb Crush attack, burying opponents in underground tombs. Their disproportionate bodies render them less of a threat above ground, although they still retain an impressive fighting ability focused on turning otherwise-harmful momentum in their favor.


Instance Number: 012

Instance Name: Maulice

First Sighted: Battle in the Egg

Types: Ice

Additional Notes: Its name is a play on words combining “maul,” “malice,” and “ice,” in reference to its extremely violent nature—it is not uncommon to see Maulice tear its victims apart using its sharp, icy claws. Their signature attack, Flash Freeze, has been documented as having a 100% success rate in instantly freezing its targets, making them easier for capture and consumption. Maulice were one of the two strains first encountered upon Missing No.’s appearance in our world; according to reports from Team Rocket, there is a strong possibility that the first instances of Maulice were created using former Gym Leader Pryce’s Pokémon.


Instance Number: 016

Instance Name: Sinystal

First Sighted: Invasion of Two Island

Types: Rock

Additional Notes: The name “Sinystal” derives from “sinister” and “crystal.” During Missing No.’s spread across Two Island, Sinystal were utilized as peripheral watchmen, herding fleeing Pokémon back toward the center of the island. Sinystal are notable for being one of the few Instances with variations on their appearance. The colored crystals on a given Sinystal’s body appear to indicate what type of status infliction will be placed upon the target upon coming into contact with Sinystal’s Element Dust attack. Documented effects so far have remained within standards for regular Pokémon, though it is possible that new variations could cause unknown effects on targets in the future.


Instance Number: 018

Instance Name: Driprown

First Sighted: Battle int he Egg

Types: Water

Additional Notes: Its name is derived from “drip” and “crown,” referring to its distinctive crest and its abilities. Driprown are vicious snake-like creatures that operate best underwater—they will relentlessly hunt and attack all targets within reach until the waters around them run red with blood. In the Sevii Islands, Driprown have proven instrumental in Missing No.’s strategies, shutting down ocean-side support with ruthless efficiency and the use of their Rip Current attack.

Additional NotationsEdit

Research Notations: 012

[Research Notations: I012: Pryce??]

[-"there is a strong possibility that the first Instances of Maulice were created using former Gym Leader Pryce's Pokémon" source? *K. Tetsuro

--Team Rocket apparently. *K. Tatsuro

---yes but where is this information? No records in our system that tr shared.  Not in public records either. Am I overlooking sonething? *K. Tetsuro

----Interesting that they would keep something like that to themselves. Aren't we supposed to be allies? *S. Ashera 

-----Do we share everything we uncover with everyone without good reason? It's understandable even if frustrating--let's not let it cloud our approach to this. If Pryce was involved,  we ought to see if there's a lead to be followed--it might help us. *B. Oak

------I suggest we get any other unshared files from TR ASAP. We need to level with each other if this is going to work for everyone. *K. Tatsuro

-------Good luck with that. *S. Ashera]

[End thread]

Research Notations: Names Edit

[Research Notations: Names]

[-A number of you have asked for clarification on the process behind naming each of the Instances. For the sake of time (and my inbox space), I have compiled a quick sheet documenting the steps.

+1. As noted in each Index entry, names are derived from words pertaining to observations on a particular Instance's Type, abilities, physiological characteristics, and personality traits--just like with normal Pokémon.

+2. These descriptors are fed to our Index Mother Console.

+3. The IMC analyzes available data on the Instance, running that data against the descriptors provided.

+4. The IMC combines descriptors into a name suitable for that Instance.

-That's it. There is no secret researcher team "infringing upon the creative freedom of the scientific community," nor is this process indicative of a "systemic crumbling of democratic values." It's a background process that doesn't and shouldn't interfere with the greater work situation that we have ahead of us. Now please, stop asking. *B. Oak

--is there a reason we can't vote on it? jus have everyone submit a name and then vote. Much better names than "chimerape" and "driprown" that way. *K. Tetsuro

---Now we know who was complaining about "crumbling democracies." *K. Tatsuro

----it's a vry serious issue, my friend. *K. Tetsuro

-----#DownWithResearchIlluminati? *K. Tatsuro

------The matter is closed. Get back to work. *M. Aleivy]

[End thread]

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